Monday, December 6, 2010

The Mouse that Belled the Cats!!!

Strange are the ways of the paradise, but stranger are the ways of the Internet hackers. Oftentimes they break into the privacy of Internet users and disappear with the booty without trace. But Julian Assange has a different story to tell. In the process of becoming a full-blown whistle blower from his erstwhile status of an Internet hacker, Assange has broken into the sanctum sanctorum of international diplomacy and is exposing its true color and character to the public to scrutinize.

Julian Assange
Yes, the WikiLeaks is taking the newsstands by storm around the world. It’s a new breed of investigative journalism that is destined to change the face of journalism once and for all. In the aftermath of the deluge of stinking classified documents that are open for public to gaze and scrutinize, the world of diplomacy and duplicity are at a loss as to what to do with WikiLeaks and its director Julian Assange for bringing the skeleton in the closet out into the limelight. It’s a graveyard of diplomacy. Yes, it’s a graveyard of whitewashed gravestones of diplomacy the inside of which is filling the world with stench.

Its certainly a time for introspection. It is a time for the civilized people of the world to take stock of what their elected leaders are doing, performing behind the scenes. In the meantime, the affected are licking their wounds and waiting for the great flood to subside. The positive outcome of the whole affair is that the Fourth Estate has send out a clear cut signal to the world leaders that however high you may fly we are watching over you.

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