Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eggy Poems

This is a triology of poems that revolves around the subject of an egg. The poems may sound nonsensical or rather whimsical but i am sure it will tickle some portion of the soul. I laid them some time ago, to be exact while i was a collegian. It had gathered dust over the years but not rotten i hope. SOOO here i present them to the reader to brood over...


Upon the castling cloud
laid the bird
an egg.

Down went the shell swishing and swishing
through the branchless skies,
until finally a thud and a splash.

The great Newton rubbed his eyes,
Waking up from his brown study,
Set out to probe the levity of the bird_
wasting her egg on his head.
                                         George Manjooran


I saw a pregnant hen clucking around
a hospital to deliver
Where no stealthy hand would_
snatch away the issue for a price.

But often the ducklings follow_
the foster mother hen,
And the koel disowns her egg_
in the nest of the maternal crow.

Everywhere, everywhere I see_
cartons of eggs being mislaid,
and peopling the land with_
hens crowing at the nightfall, the sundown,
And ducks oblivious of their birthright_

to swim.
                                       George Manjooran


Each time when eating an egg
I fear might chew upon a_
baby hen.

So I try to feel the little beaks,
legs and unfledged wings.
And when cleared of the_
biological doubt
I gulp the might-have-been-bird
along the gut.

Yet I feel the recapitulation of an_
abortive sin,
rising up to a sour_

                            George Manjooran

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